We derive inspiration from  our natural world.  In return we take careful considerations in selecting new ingredients, materials and processes in developing new formulations and packaging systems.







FORMULAE 8 was established in 2007.   Our Cosmetics 

Formulation Laboratory opened in 2008 and SkInsight Testing Centre in 2010.


We are engaged in creative entrepreneurial technology

and brand development ventures with some of the leading global and indie beauty and technology start-up companies.

We bring many years of R&D experience in cosmetics

formulation design and product development.  Our expertise is constantly reinvigorated by our passion to explore new ideas with intellectual curiosity and scientific rigour, design ingenuity, creativity and craftsmanship.




"We embrace new ideas, transform consumer insights and enable new discoveries in ingredients, novel delivery systems and emerging packaging designs  into products that delight, formulations that work, processes that are robust and practical and solutions proven by science. "



Danilo Lambino



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